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WIth construction now underway, we will be following the demolition and construction of Stinson School Lofts with photos, blogs, and video links.  Follow Project Manager Wesley Hatt through to the projects completion with insight to the people, plans and construction coming to you strait from the development team.

Harry Stinson, the developer behind the Stinson School Lofts, earned the nickname the “Toronto Condo King” though projects such as the Candy Factory Lofts.  This project was at the leading edge of the wave to reclaim former commercial properties and turn them into designer loft residential spaces in Toronto. 



Things we remember from our school days

School Days

Some of the best days of my life so far were spent in my school. Well, we all hated going to school at some point in our lives, but I’m pretty sure that changed for most of us. The memories which we made in schools still remain fresh in my head. There were bad times and good times. When we look back now the nostalgic memories fill our mind and put a smile on our face. The following were some of my best memories from school:

Class room cleaning:

We all are taught about the importance of keeping our surroundings clean, and our principal was quite particular about keeping the school campus clean. During one assembly she was telling the school about how important it is to keep the campus clean, and every student can take an initiative by first keeping their classes clean.

Our class wanted to set an example to the school and at the same time wanted to bunk classes, so we decided to rush to our class right after assembly and started to take all our chairs and tables out of the classroom and poured soup water all over the floor. Our teacher walks in and is quite shocked by looking at what we have done. We ended up going to another classroom where some chemistry was taught, but we sure did have fun pulling out the desks and flooding our class with water.

School Journal


I’m pretty sure that everyone loved their lunchtimes at school. Our school canteen had some of the best food served for lunch and Thursdays were extra special cause that’s the day when chicken curry was served. I remember rushing to the canteen the minute the bell rings to have some delicious chicken curry and rice. My mouth still waters when I think about it. Apart from that we always have that one person in our class who was always interested in eating other people’s food. Lunchtimes at school are filled with memories and those are something to be remembered and cherished.

PE Periods:

PE periods were fun but not so much fun when the maths teacher decides to borrow it. We all had that teacher who constantly borrowed the PE classes to complete her portions. Our PE teacher was pretty strict about the dress code, and if we forget to bring our shoes to the class, as a punishment, we will have to end up jogging around the ground for three times.

English Classes:

My school days will be incomplete if I don’t mention our English classes. We happened to have this brilliant teacher who always claimed that he taught us about life and not just English. He was very motivating, and all of us enjoyed his classes.

Though we all had had bad days when we were in school, I’m pretty sure that those innocent days can never be replaced. Life was much simple back then. We were filled with dreams, and we were fearless.

Tips for Choosing High School Courses


Your high school transcript is one of the most important documents which you will be using in most of your applications. Whatever you choose to study will be linked to the carrier you pick in the future. High school is an exciting place to learn and to discover your interests. Most of us have dreams, but not many of us are aware of what electives or classes will help us in fulfilling our dreams. The following are some of the tips in choosing High School courses:

Pursue your dreams:

It is essential to pick a subject you like and enjoy studying. When you select a class, you want you will learn it with passion and not feel stressed. You don’t need a clear-cut goal or passion but picking a subject which you think you might enjoy will help you learn that subject easily.

Pick subjects which will help you no matter which career path you choose:

Picking a subject which will help you in various career streams can be quite beneficial. For example, subjects like English will help you build your communication, reading, writing etc. These are something which is necessary and expected in almost every career path you might choose.

Seek help from a school counsellor or older sibling or friend:

Talking to someone who has already been through what you will be going through will help you get a rough idea of how things are going to be. Your seniors will help you decide which subjects to take, which ones are the hardest and which ones you need the most. You can also get help from a school counsellor in getting to know about various courses that are offered in the school.

Do not choose a tough elective:


You might already be loaded with some tough core subjects and at this point of the time try not to choose a tough elective otherwise you will struggle to handle all the subjects. Try to pick an elective which you are interested in so that you will find it easy to study that subject.

Choose courses which are recommended by colleges:

If you are planning to go to college speak to your seniors or your school councillors to help you figure out which class or elective will meet the requirement for the college you are applying. You can also check on the internet on what subjects to choose for joining a particular college.

Electives speak a lot about you:

The elective subjects you pick, speaks a lot about you. The interest you show in a subject gets reflected. Some colleges check if you have taken up a foreign subject in high school and even access you based on the electives you have picked.

Picking high school classes will affect your career in many ways and thus take your time and think about what you want to do in the future and then choose the classes accordingly.

Hugh Evan

Hugh is the founder at Stinson’s . Hugh spent 10 years being a spiritual guru and public speaker.

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