With construction now underway, we will be following the demolition and construction of Stinson School Lofts with photos, blogs, and video links.  Follow Project Manager Wesley Hatt through to the projects completion with insight to the people, plans and construction coming to you strait from the development team.

Harry Stinson, the developer behind the Stinson School Lofts, earned the nickname the “Toronto Condo King” though projects such as the Candy Factory Lofts.  This project was at the leading edge of the wave to reclaim former commercial properties and turn them into designer loft residential spaces in Toronto.

Conscious that he has little in the way of documented material to show of his Toronto projects, Harry decided that this time around he would like the entire project recorded for posterity.  The ultimate goal would be a coffee-table picture book that purchasers of the Stinson School Lofts would appreciate, but could also be used to demonstrate the process to potential investors for future projects.

The Stinson School Journal will follow the progress of converting the Stinson School to loft condos over the duration of the project.

The journal will look at many aspects of this project.  Not only will it document the physical work-in-progress construction process, but it will also show historical aspects of the school, and the people involved in both the former school as well as those contracted for the conversion process.

If you have a story about the school, why not contact Stinson School Stories.  Maybe it will be featured in the journal!